Pet portrait 20 cm / 7,8 In
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This is a custom portraits. You can send me a photo and I will create a unique personalized toy. This kawaii art doll will be a great dog lover gift. A collectible animal is also a good pet loss, memorial gift if suddenly such a tragedy happened. But we hope that this realistic puppy doll will please you on another occasion, for example, Christmas gift or Valentines Day gift, because the animal looks very unusual in everyday life, and thus you can express love for your pet. Show your friendship and love to your pet - after all the pet will always love you and never betrays.

Portrait of dogs made of professional fabrics: German artificial fabric.

Wire in the ears.Glass eyes

Filling sintepukh.

Size from head to paws Height: 20 cm / 7,8 In

Single copy

You can place an order for a soft portrait of any animal or order a replica of any toy from the store. Artist Katya Makogon has been working in this direction since 2010.

The possibility of personalization (individual portrait of a dog, a portrait of a pet, memory of a sheepdog, loss of a dog, pet urns, white/swiss shepherd)

If you do not have a pet but have long dreamed of it. I will gladly do a repeat of any work from my store for you. Or send photos of animals, I'll make a soft portrait especially for you :)

Pattern and design are developed for each pet individually by me personally.

Time to create 1 month

You can pay laiway, please write me email for details

Material: German artificial fabric

Filling: Sintepukh

Eyes: Glass

Size: 20 cm / 7,8 In

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